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Ways to write a will…

Paid for will writing options:

  • You can pay a specialist will writing service, typically wills cost between £75-£150 depending on the complexity of your circumstances
  • You can use a solicitor to assist with writing your will, which will incur a cost dependent on the solicitor. This option is typically the most popular if your circumstances are complex as they are the experts, but is likely to be the most expensive option (approx. between £100-300).
  • You can buy a will template document in stationary shops for as little as £10

A free will writing option:

  • You can write a will on a normal piece of paper and just explain how you would like your things shared, and then is signed and dated in the presence of two adult, independent witnesses, and then signed by them too. Please note the witnesses can’t be anyone who are in the will i.e. husband/wife. This option is only really suitable if your circumstances are simple.

For more information head to the Gov website...

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