Washing and dry cleaning – what and how?

Washing Explained

Washing and dry cleaning – many peoples’ least favourite adult chores. While they’re definitely time-consuming, they don’t have to be impossible. Here are a few tips to keep your whites white and your colours bright!

When preparing a load for your washing machine, it’s best to separate your whites and colours – unless you enjoy light pink everything. If you don’t have time to do two separate washes, at least use cold water when combining, as warm water encourages the dyes to run.

Check the label to see if an item is tumble dryer safe. If not, good, old fashioned air drying is the best option. For clothing you aren’t too sure about, but you’re willing to roll the dice on – tumble dry on low heat to discourage shrinkage.

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Dry Cleaning Explained

Read every label before you begin the process of cleaning your clothing. Certain fabrics are meant only for hand-washing or dry cleaning and can shrink or become misshapen if handled incorrectly.

If a label says ‘dry clean only’, it’s best to listen.

But what is dry cleaning?

It’s straight-forward process, really. First, your clothing is put through a wash cycle, where they’re mixed with special solvents that remove odours, stains and dirt. Then, your items are rinsed with a fresh chemical before the solvents are extracted from the drum. Finally, a light heat is applied to your clothing to help revert it to its original shape.

With dry cleaning, your clothing never really gets wet – hence the name. It’s a very gentle process, and suitable for all delicate fabrics.

While some fabrics toe the line, certain fabrics always require dry cleaning, such as: silk, wool, velvet lace or anything embellished (beads, sequins, etc.)

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