Utility bills

Gas bills…

  • Bills are either estimated depending on previous bills or based on what energy you have used. If you are unsure if the amount is correct, phone your supplier and tell them your meter reading and they will be able to give you an accurate bill. For more info click here.

Learn how to take a gas meter reading here

Electricity bills…

  • Measured the same as gas.

TIP: Energy suppliers are companies that supply both your gas and electricity

Water bills…

  • There are two parts to your water bill; domestic water (the stuff that comes out of your tap) and sewage water (the stuff that you use then goes back into the system as waste – also known as foul or grey water)
  • Depending on where you are in the country and your style of house, there are two ways of billing for water. You can be charged for the water that comes into the house either metered or unmetered.
  1. Unmetered water bills: This means you pay for domestic water and sewage service, regardless of how much you use based on the rateable value of your home. For more info click here.
  2. Metered water bills: This means you pay for the units of water you use. The majority of water meters are outside, either in your garden or in public nearby. Typically the supplier reads the water meter twice a year and your bill is calculated based on those readings. When reading the meter yourself, note the black numbers and ignore the red numbers.

For more information about water bills head to the Southern Water website