Visas for going to university in America

Visas needed for studying in the US…

If you do not hold a US passport, you will need to apply for an F-1 student visa to be eligible to live and study in the US. You cannot apply for this until you have been accepted by a university. Once you have been accepted, the university will support your application for this visa. The visa will typically last four years for the duration of your course, and you will either have to come home or apply for a work visa when it runs out! An important part of the visa application process is proving you have the funds to complete your course, so you must either show proof of scholarship from the university, or income/savings that cover the costs.

If you wanna get your head around the process a bit more, click here.. or if you’re worrying that it’s spenny click here for details on finances for studying abroad. For all else head to Right Track, they’re the know-hows on this.

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