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Top 5 dinner party table games

Okay, so you may be grown up if you’re hosting a dinner party this festive season, but there’s always room for some fun – specifically games!

Playing games also helps to break the ice if you’re hosting groups or friends that haven’t met before…

Check out our top 5:

1. Heads up

If you don’t want to buy the official app, there are copycat versions of the app available to download for free on, alternatively you can create it yourselves by writing a selection of famous names and places in a pot and going around the table taking it in turns to pick out a piece of paper and hold it tight to your forehead while asking the group questions which can only be answered with yes of no, to figure out who you are.

For more info about Heads Up click here.

2. Cranium

Depending on the number of people you are hosting, Cranium is a very enjoyable game for a whole range of ages. This is a board game which you’ll need to purchase. Depending on the number, you may need to play in teams. You work your way around the board performing a range of activities, be it Pictionary or sculpting with play-dough.

For more information on Cranium, or to buy it click here.

3. Taboo

Taboo is a fast paced team game whereby you must answer as many cards as possible without your team mate, who will be describing the card to you, mentioning any of the listed taboo words. This game involves you purchasing the cards, but is well worth it.

To purchase the game, or for more info on Taboo click here.

4. Speak Out

This game involves mouth guards that prevent you from being able to say certain words properly due. The aim of the game is to make your teammates, or the other team understand what you’re saying… or try to. This game is guaranteed to have you in hysterics.

For more info on Speak Out, or to buy it click here.

5. Charades

A classic. Charades can be played anywhere, at any time and the best part is you don’t need to buy any equipment. In this game you must act out the name of something whether it be, for example, a film, a book or song to the rest of the group, without saying a word – the rest of the group have got to guess through your actions.

For the full set of rules click here.

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Have fun!