Top 5 dinner party dishes

When you’re hosting a dinner party, it’s important to think up dishes that don’t make your guests dash for the door.

Meals that include pasta, lots of sauce or stodgy carbs tend to be tricky to eat while holding a conversation so those sorts of dishes are best to be avoided, instead try these taste bud tingling treats and you’ll be sure to have culinary compliments from all your guests.

Take a look at our top 5 tried and tested dinner party dishes to impress…

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Nigella Lawson's lamb cutlets with mint

1. Lamb cutlets with mint, chilli and golden potatoes

  • 1hr total cooking time
  • Ticks the meat, carb and veg boxes, yet light enough that people can still find room for pudding
  • For the full recipe from Nigella Lawson click here
Cooking - Dinner Party dishes - The Adult Bible
Grilled bream by Nathan Outlaw

2. Grilled bream with mustard and tarragon sauce, asparagus and peas

  • 45mins total cooking time
  • Easy but looks fancy, it’s a dress to impress type dish
  • For the full recipe from Great British Chefs click here
Cooking - top dinner party dishes - The Adult Bible
Beef shin rendang by Olive Magazine

3. Beef Shin Rendang curry

  • 4 hrs total cooking time which sounds like a lot, but the majority is allowing it time to simmer
  • This dish can be made in big batches for a large amount of guests, you can also freeze it for later
  • For the full recipe from Olive Magazine click here
top 5 dinner party dishes - The Adult Bible
Spinach and ricotta slice by BBC Good Foods

4. Spinach & Ricotta slice

  • 1hr 45 mins total cooking time
  • Simple, good for veggies or fussy eaters
  • Most of the ingredients will be hanging around the house
  • For the full recipe from BBC Good Foods click here
top 5 dinner party dishes - The Adult Bible
Chicken and chorizo paella by Jamie Oliver

5. Chicken and Chorizo paella

  • Cooking time total 50mins
  • Simple to make, can be left to simmer for a while so you can get on with other party prep
  • Can be cooked in bulk and kept for later/made for a large amount of people
  • For the full recipe from Jamie Oliver click here

Take a look at our entertaining page when you host a dinner party for info on how to set a table like a professional, and dinner table etiquette.

P.s. If cooking isn’t your forte, then why not suggest to your friends you play come dine with me, that way you can share the stress of cooking, on a weekly or monthly basis.

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