Popular traveling routes

Thailand – Laos – Cambodia – Vietnam – Malaysia

Reasons to go:

  • It’s a very typical route among backpackers so you’re bound to bump into like-minded travelers
  • Southeast Asia has warm sunny weather with a relaxed culture so the ideal place to chill
  • It’s pretty affordable, both and accommodation are cheap
  • You can get trains between the countries, or flights are relatively reasonable – packages can be cheaper
  • You can travel this route in around 2 months if you’re stretched for time

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Sri-Lanka – Singapore – Philippines – Bali

Reasons to go:

  • For a complete mix of culture, beaches and city life
  • Sri-Lanka and the Philippines are slightly less backpacker-packed so you can enjoy before tourism completely takes over
  • You can travel this route in around 3 months at the least (you’ll want to island hop in the Philippines – there is a whopping 7,641 islands! – and Bali has a few popular islands called the Gillis which might be worth visiting)

Ecuador – Peru – Bolivia

Reasons to go:

  • You get to see the Amazon River and Machu Picchu
  • The countries are underrated, and generally ‘up-and-coming’
  • The street food is worth writing home about
  • It’s affordable if you’re happy to travel on local transport and overnight buses (they aren’t nearly as bad as people think)
  • You can travel this route in 1 month, or 2 if you’re happy to go off the beaten track a little

Mexico – Guatemala – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama

Reasons to go:

  • It’s great for those who want to brush up on their Spanish
  • You can see volcano beaches and Mayan ruins
  • You can travel this route in 2 months if time is tight

France – Italy – Greece – Croatia – Austria – Germany – Belgium

Reasons to go:

  • You can fly all over the world but some of the quaintest gems are right on our doorstep
  • Flight times between European countries are pretty short
  • You can travel this route in 1 month if you’re speedy but 2 months would allow you ample time to wend your way through the continent
  • Top tip: Plan and book accommodation and internal flights ahead of time to save money, Europe tends to be a tad more expensive than other continents

Cairns (Australia) – Sydney – Melbourne – Auckland (New Zealand) – Queenstown – Fiji

Reasons to go:

  • Sun and some of the most incredible beaches
  • The best way to see the east coat of Sydney is to hire a car and drive down the coast or get a hop on hop off bus ticket, you won’t regret it
  • For your time in New Zealand, the Kiwi bus comes highly recommended, it’s a hop on hop off bus where you’ll meet like-minded travelers
  • You’ll want to spend a while in Fiji, there are approx. 330 islands
  • You can travel this route in 3 months if you’re tight for time (Australia, depending on how many sights you want to see could take up to 2 months but there are faster or longer routes. New Zealand is the same but 1 month is recommended at the least)
  • Top tip: Plan and book accommodation and internal flights ahead of time to save money, Australia, particularly isn’t cheap even for hostels so plan ahead, if you can, and find the best deals.

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