How to get good at making phone calls

Most people dislike making phone calls. It’s not that it’s hard to do, it’s just hairy sometimes. We get it. So here are some tips on how to get better.

1. Prepare

Think of what questions you may be asked and prepare answers. If you get asked a question that you cannot answer prepare an answer such as ‘I’ll have to check that and get back to you’ or ‘I need some time to think about that’. Jot down the answers on paper so you have them in front of you when you’re on the call.

2. Repeat

As the saying goes ‘practise makes perfect’, so force yourself to use the phone as regularly as you can

3. Relax

Open the call with conversational questions, i.e. how are you, it sounds polite plus it’ll ease you into conversation and automatically relax you a little

4. Facial expressions

Smile, it’ll convey over the phone even though they can’t see you and you’ll feel more confident

Why people hate making calls so much, despite being glued to their phones…

  • You have to improvise (think on the spot) which can be nerve-wracking because you can’t prepare too much for it
  • You can’t gauge what the person on the other end of the phone is thinking, which you might ordinarily know through facial expansions, for example
  • When you stutter or get anxious on the phone, most feel as though they are getting judged which leads to insecurities