Attire - The Adult Bible

Occasion attire

Outfit etiquette can be a tough one. There are lots of different suit options and occasion specific outfits. Below is a selection that you may have come across.

Penguin suit

A black dinner jacket that is worn over a white shirt

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Morning suit

A semi-formal suit that is all one colour consisting of a waistcoat, jacket (morning coat) and trousers that are all the same colour. Typically for formal daytime functions

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Morning coat

A type of tailcoat, it has a cut at the back so it looks like it has a pair of tails

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Black tie

Typically a black bow tie with a white shirt, an evening waistcoat and a dinner jacket (tuxedo)

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Smart casual

An outfit that is clean, neat and presentable but informal. For men this means trousers but not jeans, smart shoes but not trainers, a collared shirt but not necessarily a crisp work shirt

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Ball gown

A full-length formal dress that is elegant and elaborate

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Business smart

A suit with a tie for men and a smart dress, a suit, or blouse/skirt/trouser ensemble for women

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Lounge suit

A formal daytime function suit for men, and a day dress for women

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