Second hand cars

Manual Vs. Automatic

In simple terms, a manual car has a gear box and gear stick to control it, whereas with an automatic car the gear changing it done automatically for you.

The majority of Brits have a manual private vehicle rather than an automatic, this is largely because they are less expensive.

Pros and Cons of both…

Manual cars (stick shifts)

  • Allows you to have more control over the car
  • It’s a more engaged drive, but also means can be tiring to drive
  • Typically cheaper to run

Automatic cars

  • Drink more fuel because it needs more power to work
  • Can be complicated to mend and pricier to fix
  • Typically higher insurance because they’re more complex and attract higher bills, according to Money Supermarket
  • BUT is a smoother ride typically, and no tedious shifting is needed so generally less stressful to drive and easier

Information sourced from the Confused website