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How to keep houseplants alive

Having houseplants have been proven to have health benefits, such as purifying the air. So in keeping with the trend of growing indoor plants, we’ve put together a guide to keep ’em alive…

1. Name it

First things first, figure out what the plant you have is. It’s much easier to work out how to care for it that way.

2. Watering

Annoyingly, each requires a different amount. Do your research. But houseplants tend to need less than outdoor plants. Signs of overwatering include leaf drop, brown patches, root rot or wilting. – over watering is the most common killer.

3. Pebbles work best

Put a few in the bottom of the plant pots to keep the water away from the roots. Always make sure there are drainage holes in the pots.

4. Read the label

Some plants like light, and others need to be warm but don’t like direct sunlight. For the most, keep them in a room by a window that gets light but the sun doesn’t shine directly on the plants. If the plant is starting to brown or going pale, then switch positions.

5. Repot when necessary

The majority of plants need to be repotted eventually. To find out if they need attention, gently pull out and wiggle.. if the roots are wrapped around the pot it’s time.

Goodens include:

  • Swiss cheese plant
  • Cacti and succulents
  • Pilea
  • Weeping fig
  • Spider plant
  • Palms

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