Household terminology

When you have your own place it might be helpful to know some of the basic household terminology, especially if you’re redecorating, or refurbishing a property. This guide is the very basics in building 101…

Skirting board:

It runs round the base of the wall and the floor and takes all the scuffs to protect the plaster on the walls


This is the name given a narrow, often fluted piece of wood that runs around the room at about waist height. Originally used to stop chair backs from marking the walls its also a great way of breaking up a tall room and allowing for a change in decoration


This is the moulding between the top of the wall and the ceiling. It used to be made of plaster and typically still is but can also be made of polystyrene. It can used to hide an imperfect joint between wall and ceiling


On the outside of a property there will be guttering, this is what takes the rain water away from the roof.

A blocked gutter can cause a damp patch inside.

The down pipes are the long pipes running down the wall connected to the gutter at the edge of the roof.

The gutter next to the roof is normally attached to the facia board and the sofit board, this is the board that faces the ground. These used to be made of wood and need painting but now days they are commonly made of plastic, so painting is not needed.

Gazundering vs. Gazumping