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5 ways to make a great first impression at work

By Dason Bodilly, Sales Director at Netapp

1. Dress the part

Dress to the level of job to which you aspire, so if you are the intern that makes the tea, but you want to be a manager, dress like one. It will make it easier for other people to see you in another role if you look like it would be easy for you to move into it. If you are dressed in tatty jeans and t shirt with cartoons on its harder for your colleagues to see you in another role.

2. Show they can rely on you

Be on time, and polite. Neither of these things cost anything or take any specific intelligence, but they do make you reliable and a lot easier to work with.

3. Pay attention

Be interested, in what other people do and maybe the inner workings of the company, not only does it help explain how everything works together but its likely that other people will feel good that your are interested in them and their challenges.

4. Be on it with meetings

Meetings, modern companies thrive on meetings, even informal ones. Without being difficult about it (too insistent) if you get invited to many meetings, ask for an agenda, maybe what are the objectives of the meeting (which should tell you if you need to prepare for anything), and also who else is going to be in the meeting. Many large companies waste a lot of people’s time by dragging them into poorly organized meetings.

5. Always look ahead

Ask your mentor or manager for details of your development plan, and how you are doing against it, also maybe suggest things that you think could help the plan. The plans are rarely fixed in stone and managers like people to be thinking about how they can contribute more to the company and take responsibility for their own career.

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