Cat D – The cost to repair the car is expected to be less than the car’s value pre-accident. The car is allowed to be repaired and put back on the road.

Cat C – The cost to repair the car is more than the value of the car before the accident, but can still be put back on the road.

Cat B – Cars aren’t allowed back on the road. The parts can be sold on or saved for spares.

Cat A – Scrapped, there is nothing left to salvage.

If a private owner wishes to sell a Cat C car, he/she is NOT obliged to tell the prospective buyer, however if a car is bought from a dealer the dealer is required to inform the prospective purchaser.

Content sourced from the Confused website

Top tips:

1. Always check the Vehicle Registration Mark (number plate)
2. Do a history check to see if the car has previously been written off or stolen
3. If you buy with cash it’s easier to barter for a discount

Content sourced from the Autotrader website