About us

Hey, I’m Lottie, the founder of The Adult Bible. I wanted to let you know how all this started…

I came out of university feeling educated, but not filled with practical life skills – as I know is the case with a lot of people – there’s a lot I had to figure out for myself, like how to buy a house, register for council tax and take a gas meter reading, all of which I hadn’t really needed to know before university. I trawled the internet but I’m a fairly impatient person so I found this method both time-consuming and frustrating. I knew I wasn’t the only one who would be thinking about this….

I felt determined to combat the issue by gathering all the essential information you’d need in one convenient and accessible place, to help people with growing up, and so The Adult Bible was born!

I hope you find this bible of knowledge useful, if there’s anything you want covered or feel should be included on the site please feel free to send me a message here.

Our plans for the next few years are big so watch this space!