6 things that will improve your CV

If you’re ready for a change and a fresh start in time for the new year, make sure to bear in mind the below ways to improve your CV…

1. Get it looking ship shape

Make sure the page looks clean and that information can be found easily. Don’t use fussy, fancy fonts, a basic font like Arial or Cambria will do. Break the page up with subtitles and bullet points to make it easy for the prospective employer to navigate around. Don’t go too crazy with the bold, italic and underline button; it can make the page(s) look busy.

2. Ditch the waffle

Catch their attention with relevant, concise and compelling information about yourself rather than making the prospective employer sift through waffle. Avoid jargon, slang and excess detail. Don’t forget that typically employers have to scan through a number of CV’s so make sure they find what they’re looking for in yours easily else they’ll discard it.

3. Include personalisation

Companies know when you have copied and pasted your CV so include a personal statement that is tailored to the company or role that you’re applying for to show that you have researched and that you think your experience/background/knowledge/skills is suitable for the role in question.

4. If you took a gap year, include it

Taking a gap year, providing you didn’t sit around all year, can show the employer you are personable and have communication skills. Avoid talking about how much fun you had travelling for example, and instead talk about the skills you developed on your gap year. Again, the more relevant to the job in question the better.

5. Post-grad learning

By enrolling in online courses or attending lectures (there are free options available) makes you look proactive and interested in further continuous learning. Obviously the more relevant it is to the job you’re applying for the better it will look to a prospective employer.

6. Don’t forget the extras

Awards or prizes you’ve won that link to the job you’re applying for would be worth including, even if just for a talking point in your interview. Always include voluntary work, it demonstrates selflessness and a willing to help others.

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