ultimate festival checklist

10 items you HAVE to take to a festival this summer

If you’re planning to party in a field of music this summer, we’ve put together some must takes. Although don’t panic if you get there and realise you’ve forgotten something.. you will most likely be able to buy it at or around the festival.

Below is the ultimate list to prep you for a festival…

1. A tent

Don’t go to a camping festival without one, you’ll be pretty cold. You can get relatively cheap ones on Amanzon, or even eBay if you don’t mind a second hand one. It’s worth bearing in mind that if the festival is messy/muddy it might be easier for you to ditch the tent after the festival (if you can afford to), but if you are planning on taking it home then look after it and make sure no one pees on it.

festival checklist

2. Dry Shampoo

You’re going to need it at some point, plus it saves having to wash your hair in the gross showers

3. Wellies

The British weather is very unpredictable, as you very well know, so wellies are good idea even if it looks like it’s going to be a sunny weekend

4. Rain mac

As above. You can buy them from as little as £1 and they roll up so small that you can fit them into even the smallest rucksack, they’re a good investment regardless of the weather ’cause you never know when it’s going to turn

5. Portable phone charger

For two reasons, you don’t ever want to be without juice on your phone for calling your friends or navigating your way back to the campsite/around the site. The other reason to bring a portable charger is that there aren’t sockets in the campsite (unless you’re in VIP/hospitality), so it’ll be a mission to find a socket and to then find a time to charge your phone. It’ll just be easier if you bring one with you

6. Sleeping bag

Duh, or you’ll get cold. Sleeping on the floor of the tent with just a sleeping bag will be pretty uncomfortable so remember your sleeping mat or alike too

7. Wet wipes

These will also double up as body wash, face wash and toilet paper. It’s useful to take a pack of wet wipes with you to a festival because they’ll make you feel a bit cleaner in a campsite of mud. Plus take them to the toilet with you as the loos quite frequently run out of toilet roll and you don’t want to get caught out

8. Sunscreen

Always handy, similar to the wet weather unpredictability, you never know when we’re going to have a scorcher

9. Snack bars

A good back up if you run out of money or want to save a bit of money, ’cause food stalls at festivals are pretty pricey. Also they’re useful for the evening when you may return to your tent quite late and feel peckish

10. Hand sanitiser

Because everything you touch will be dirty