What does the Queen actually do?

The Queen has ruled longer than any other Monarch in British history – how cool is that?!

Here’s some other cool things you might not know about our remarkable Queen…

  • She mainly lives at Buckingham palace, although she does divide her time between the palace and Windsor Castle
  • Every morning she goes through her famous red boxes that contain important documents than she is required to read, review and sign
  • In the morning she also reads the newspapers
  • On a typical afternoon she’ll be on a public engagement
  • On Wednesdays, the Queen meets with the Prime Minister to discuss political matters
  • Every evening she receives a document with all the goings-on at Parliament which she’ll read
  • Every so often the Queen holds private receptions at Buckingham Palace, or she’ll attend a charity event – one of the 600 she is a patron of
  • Each night before falling asleep she fills out a few pages of her diary – she has done this every night since the beginning of her reign
  • Although she’s allowed to, she doesn’t vote as she prefers to remain on neutral ground (similar to the other members of the Royal family)
  • The Queen doesn’t get a say in laws and passing them
  • She does however have the final say over political disruption and times of war

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